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Our prom theme - A Long Time Coming - still rings true. It was a long time coming.  40 years.  But for the 200 plus who attended the reunion it was well worth the wait.
The Aquarium Denver ballroom was filled with astonishment, laughter, memories, food and drink.  The video & visual exhibits on display, yearbooks laying about and other photos of the day, reminded us that we all looked, well, different.  Start with hair.
Check out the uploaded pictures under the Photos tab to see what I mean.
Many, many thanks go out to John Bershof, Dick Heider and Ron Milzer for their in-the-trenches effort. Thanks also to Tina Jonas, Lisa Cook, Chris Lares, Nancy Alterman and Steve Ruby.
To those who missed the event, it is to our and your regret.  As much as we looked for classmates we knew there would be many we would not find or would not find us.
Moving forward we hope to discover more classmates, and with your help, hope classmates discover us.
The plan now is to keep this website up to look for others, collect and share contact information, upload photos and inform everyone about future activities.
We need your help.  See John’s instructions below on how to do that.
Stay connected. That’s what this, and life, are all about.
Kip Cheroutes
Class President
Fellow Patriots:
At our 40th reunion I felt I was on a merry-go-round, going around and around trying to chat with as many old friends as possible. And I still missed a few.
I’m going to keep this website up indefinitely on a streamlined basis although I might be changing the name.
This picture to the left is of me and Julie Woulfe in 5th grade (1966) and at the 40th reunion, 47 years later. I re-staged the picture at the reunion: seated, hands folded. Julie is still pretty; I on the other hand, look like an idiot. Such is life. Seeing old friends, as Kip said, that's what it is all about.
  1. If you have not, please Add Your Profile under Classmates.
  2. We would like to build our classmate database but need your help. Encourage those off the grid to come to this website and add their profile. It is a two-way street. If people are flying below the radar, we won’t find them.
  3. If you wish to add photos from the reunion, go to Photos and click on Upload Your Photos. Under the drop down menu select Album 2 (Album 1 is already full).
  4. In the near future, I’m going to need to convert to a less costly, more streamlined website and I won’t be able to have so many photos then. So enjoy them now while the getting is good.
  5. The Donation portal is open. Consider making a donation. The monies are intended for George Washington High School, the specification of which has not been decided.
Kind regards,
John Bershof

GW 40 Reunion Committee

Kip Cheroutes, Tina Jonas Johns, Dick Heider, Ron Milzer, Steve Ruby, John Bershof

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