August 5, 2023
1 Month and 26 days left
until our reunion.
GW Class of 1973 - 50th Reunion. Please Read!
Our prom theme - A Long Time Coming - still rings true. If it rang true at the 40th reunion, it rings true and rings louder today for the 50th reunion. It has been a long time coming.  50 years!

The 50th reunion will be held at a private residence to save on costs. This means inivitation is only for GW Class of 1973 and spouse/partner. Please consider carpool, Uber, Lyft. There will also be a picnic Sunday August 6, Montclair Park.

At this website please use the three portals left sidebar:

Classmates: This portal allows classmates to enter information even if they cannot attend reunion. It updates our database and let's us know you're out there. It is not an RSVP portal.

Buy Tickets: This portal allows you to purchase tickets online using credit card. There is also information to purchase tickets by mailing a check or by using Zelle through your personal bank. It is not an RSVP portal.

RSVP: This portal is where you indicate you'll be attending the dinner August 5. It is intentionally separate from Buy Tickets since some people will be paying by check or using Zelle.

Your George Washington Class of 1973 Reunion Committee:

Kip Cheroutes, Class President
Ron Milzer
Dick Heider
Nancy Alterman
Sharon Gottesfeld
Tina Johns
John Bershof
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